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Show me the nothing you clicked on

Show me the nothing you clicked on

Stop Phishing and Credential Harvesting in its tracks


In today’s digital landscape, the importance of trust and safeguarding confidential information cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, phishing and credential harvesting attacks exploit this vulnerability with alarming success. Despite comprehensive security awareness training, people still tend to trust seemingly legitimate links in emails, making them the weakest link in cybersecurity. To fortify defenses against these threats, businesses must rely on effective software tools, such as Trustifi Inbound Shield, to ensure the safety of their sensitive data.

Understanding Phishing and Credential Harvesting:

Phishing and credential harvesting represent two prevalent forms of cybercrime. Phishing occurs when malicious actors pose as trustworthy entities, seeking access to personal information or accounts. On the other hand, credential harvesting involves the use of malicious software or links to extract valuable data like usernames, passwords, and credit card details. Both techniques rely on human interaction, such as clicking on links, images, or downloading files, and can have severe consequences if successful.

The Cost of a Successful Attack:

In the business world, a successful cyber attack can have dual ramifications. The financial costs of repairing the damage caused by an attack can be substantial, but the impact on a company’s reputation can be even more catastrophic. In 2022 alone, several high-profile organizations fell victim to breaches, resulting in the exposure of sensitive client information. As we move into 2023, these incidents are expected to rise. CERTNZ reported 3,410 cases of such attacks in New Zealand during Q1-Q3 2022, with many more incidents likely going unreported. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s increased interest in privacy breaches, with a 41% surge in serious harm threshold incidents, underscores the gravity of the situation.

Introducing Trustifi Inbound Shield:

Even with comprehensive cybersecurity training, some employees may still fall prey to phishing attacks. Outdated technologies like legacy systems and secure email gateways often struggle to effectively block sophisticated malicious emails and social engineering attempts. Therefore, organizations of all sizes must invest in a first line of defense to ensure optimal protection.

Trustifi Inbound Shield, powered by award-winning AI technology, offers an exceptional solution, outperforming traditional email protection by a staggering 93%. Designed for businesses of all sizes, its simplicity and effectiveness make it a valuable asset.

How Trustifi Inbound Shield Works:

Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning and AI advancements, Trustifi Inbound Shield accurately identifies and blocks phishing emails before they infiltrate your inbox. By scanning incoming emails for suspicious content and malicious attachments, it promptly alerts users and prevents them from opening potentially harmful messages, thereby safeguarding their data.

Moreover, Trustifi Inbound Shield actively monitors for any signs of credential harvesting attempts and quickly identifies fake domains or malicious links that lead to malware-infested websites. Its advanced filtering capabilities effectively eliminate unwanted emails, including spam and phishing attempts, ensuring that only legitimate communication reaches your inbox.

Seamless Integration and Peace of Mind:

Trustifi Inbound Shield is a cloud-based solution, requiring no complex setup or architecture changes. It seamlessly integrates with existing mail servers and email clients, facilitating easy installation and maintenance. Rest assured that your emails are protected without any concerns about missing important messages. The deployment process is swift, taking mere minutes instead of days.

Proven Results:

Our clients have witnessed firsthand how Trustifi’s advanced security solution safeguards their data and prevents significant harm to their businesses. For instance, a large financial institution managed to reduce phishing emails reaching their users by more than 85%. Similarly, another customer experienced an immediate decrease in malicious URLs by over 95% upon implementing Trustifi Inbound Shield. This enables businesses to shift their focus from the constant challenge of mitigating advanced email threats to driving their growth and success.


In an increasingly perilous digital landscape, where trust can be shattered in seconds, protecting confidential information is paramount. As a cybersecurity consultant, you understand the importance of combatting phishing and credential harvesting attacks. By leveraging Trustifi Inbound Shield, businesses can bolster their email security and fortify their defenses against these insidious threats.

Don’t let human vulnerability be the weak link in your cybersecurity chain. With Trustifi Inbound Shield’s AI-powered precision, suspicious emails and malicious attachments are swiftly detected and blocked, preventing potential data breaches. The solution’s proactive monitoring capabilities and advanced filtering ensure that only legitimate communications reach your inbox, significantly reducing the risk of falling victim to phishing attempts.

Trustifi’s proven track record is underscored by impressive results achieved by clients. Imagine your organization reducing phishing emails by over 85% or witnessing a significant decrease in malicious URLs by over 95%. These tangible outcomes provide peace of mind and enable businesses to focus on growth, confident that their valuable data is protected.

Embrace Trustifi Inbound Shield as your first line of defense, empowering your organization with an agile and effective solution. With its seamless integration, easy setup, and quick deployment, you can swiftly elevate your email security without disrupting your existing infrastructure.

Remember, trust is precious and hard-won. Safeguarding confidential information is an ongoing mission, and Trustifi Inbound Shield equips you with the tools to protect what matters most. Strengthen your email security, reinforce your defense, and stay one step ahead of cyber threats. Trust in Trustifi Inbound Shield to keep your business safe and secure in the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges.